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Looking for feedback & ideas that will be helpful in improving Fortitude! PLease take the time to reflect, personally and as a club, on this past season and start dreaming about the next.

Coach Name *
Coach Name
How did you communicate with parents? *
Weekly, before every tournament, only at the beginning and end of the season, etc
Was the google calendar on Fortitude team page useful? *
Please select best option for each area *
Please select best option for each area
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Felt supported by Fortitude personally and with team or player/parent issues
Camps/Open Gyms/Tryout Process worked well
Ideas on how to improve next year
Utilized coaches for specific skills training (not subbing) ex: Bill, Tim, Marina, Kaylee, etc
Team Coaches - We worked well together (in roles as head and assistant)
Team Parent - Understood expectations and was effective and helpful (if great, refer below so we can suggest to their coach next season)
Did your team interact with your sister team? *
Did your team participate in community service/volunteer activity? *
Did your team do any event for team bonding? *
Next season do you want club character captains? (Player of the month) *
Club-wide word of the month and each team recognizes a player. If yes, please share ideas for words.
Team Parent Name, Sister Team Ideas, Volunteer Opportunities, Team Bonding Ideas, Character Captain Words
1.5 hrs 2x/wk was enough
My team took advantage of the additional gym time available
Practice Options *
Which would you prefer for next season?
Would you like us to offer club-wide skills training? *
Ex: All middles on the 1st Wednesday
How would you like us to handle missing practices next season? X missed practices allowed, $ amount per missed practice, etc
Selected right tournaments, division, number, location, etc
Hotels, flights, transportation worked well
Team rooms for next year? *
How should we handle coach hotel situations? Sharing vs requesting own, coaches traveling with daughter who plays for Fortitude, spouses who travel, etc
How can we improve booking flights next season to ensure keeping costs low while being flexible with coaches? Ex: Each coach gets $ per flight and spend as you wish or did this year work well?
Select ALL events you think Fortitude should keep/offer
Events, Fundraisers, Coach Training Topics, Policies, Tryout Process, Jerseys, Communication, Social Media, etc
Are you planning on coming back next year? *
Also, let us know if you have any other coaches who might want to be at Fortitude this next season.
Do you believe: *
Do you believe:
Season pay was adequate/fair
Per diem was adequate/fair
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