Butter Braid

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All sales for butter braids will support individual player costs. Each player will be taking/collecting orders with the profit they earned will be taken off their personal fees for the season. 

$12 each with many options. Apple, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Cherry, Cinnamon, and Cream Cheese pastries, plus the Caramel Roll. Visit http://upliftingpromotions.com/butter-braid-pastry-fundraiser for product information. 

If you do know a specific player but would still like to order please email fortitudevbcinfo@gmail.com. The profit will be given as a scholarship to players.

2018 Save Around Coupon Book

Vaughn Auto Glass 

They are one of our partners this season! If you know of anyone that need their windshield repaired refer them to Vaughn Auto Glass and they will pay a $50 referral fee to Fortitude VBC. Be sure to let them know you are with Fortitude! This offer lasts all season long!