Fortitude is planning on doing a club-wide activity as well as individual team community service. We view volunteering to be beneficial for the team on the court but also to help build the charater of the athletes off the court. Please see our ABOUT US page to see more of our philosophy. 

Sister Teams

We have in place sister teams to help build the family atmosphere and support for the whole club.  It is huge for the younger teams to have someone to look up to and important for the older girls to realize they are role models. 


We want to build our players on and off the court. There will be a word of the month and each team will select the player that best represents that characteristic. 

Club Events 

We have the club picnic scheduled for early December. This will be an event where the entire club will get together! We are also planning an end of the year event to join us all together again. 

Playing Time

Since Fortitude does not guarantee playing time or that playing time will be equal for all players this can become an issue during the season.

24 hour rule - Parents must wait 24 hours after the tournament to talk about playing time and issues. 

Chain of contact: Player to Coach (Player must talk to the coach before parent gets involved) -- Player/Parent to Coach (after 1 week waiting period)-- Player/Parent to Coach/Director.  *All meetings are player driven.

-Teams 15s and up if the issue is about playing time that is between the player and the coach. There should be no parent involvement if issue is only about playing time.

Financial Obligation

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payments will be made through GROUNDWORKS payment system. Even if players is injured or quits, financially obligated for full amount of season. A $20 late fee WILL BE imposed if payment is not received (or payment plan set up) by the 10th of each month.  If payment is not received, the player will be unable to participate until payment agreements have been made.


Fundraising will be player specific and deducted off the players tuition. They are not mandatory to participate in. If you have a business or would like to become a sponsor, please contact us. See our fundraising page here. 

Hotel Rooms

Players will stay with their parents. Fortitude VBC will have a hotel block provided and must be booked by the determined cutoff date. However, this is still a TEAM tournament and not a family vacation. There will be team dinners, meetings, activities etc., that your daughter is REQUIRED to be at. Coaches may set food guidelines. These are expected to be followed, even if you have a meal on your own. Please no McDonald's, Starbucks prior to play, etc. Parents are not required to travel with players, but would have to set up a different parent to take responsibility for their child as Fortitude will not. Flights, transportation, etc. are all parent responsibilities. 

OPEN vs Closed Practice

The first practice of the week is closed for all teams. We want players to learn how to lean on each other and coaches instead of automatically going to parents. Please no interaction with players from parents during open practices. *We reserve the right to close all practices if issues arise*


Email is our best form of communication. Please check your email as there will be lots of club communication through email. 

Coaches may use group texting as a convenient way to communicate with the players. If you are not comfortable with this, please just let the coaches know.


Still in affect for 2018-2019 season - NEW 2017-2018 season. The AZ Region will have a Purple Card Policy for spectators. 

The official volleyball rules allow for an official to give point sanctions to players and coaches for bad behavior during a match (Yellow Card = Warning, Red Card = Penalty). The Purple Card has been added to the officials tools of the Yellow and Red cards but will be used to address spectator behavior during a match.

The 1st issuance of the Purple card will be displayed in one hand together with a Yellow card. The captains will be called over and the offending spectator will be identified with a team or club. The TEAM will then be issued a warning regarding spectators.

The 2nd issuance of the Purple card during the same match to a spectator from the same team (it does not have to be the SAME spectator that was issued the purple card the 1st time) will result in a Penalty and will be displayed in one hand together with a Red card. This will cause the TEAM to be penalized. They will lose the serve and a point will be gives their opponent.

The 3rd issuance of the Purple card during the same match to a spectator from the same team will result in an ejection of the offending spectator from the tournament facility. The Purple card will be displayed with the Red card but held up in separate hands of the offical. The official will come off the stand, the site director and lead official will be called to the court and the offending spectator will be removed from the tournament site for the remainder of the day.


For additional information tailored to new volleyball parents as well as information on choosing a club, please click on the link below.

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This material is provided by USA Volleyball and has excellent information for all club volleyball parents.

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