The 2015-2016 was a great year for Fortitude! 

  • We had ten teams representing us proudly in the Region! 
  • One team earn the bid to Nationals! 
  • Over 30 younger players training in our Champions In Training program!
  • Multiple colleges on all levels interested in our club and upcoming players
  • Growing interest in the Beach Program - 62 players from across the Valley
  • Multiple team events and volunteer activities, supporting different causes such as: Dig Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness (specifically for Virgina Bellis) and the Rainbow Challenge for Reed for Vanishing White Matter Disease Awareness.
  • Over $12,000 raised to cover individual player costs from different fundraising events.

Festival Fiesta:

12N finished 18th

13N finished in Silver (8th)

13R finished 26th

14N finished in Gold (3rd)

14R finished 41st

15N1 finished in Gold (3rd)

15N2 finished 23rd

16N1 finished in Bronze in Open (13th)

16N2 finished 26th 

17N finished in Gold (3rd)


Cactus Classic: 

13N finished 9th

14R finished 29th

15N2 finished 15th

16N2 finished 17th



13N finished 37th (8-3)

15N finished 18th (9-4)



14N finished in Silver 

15N1 finished in Gold (9th)

16N1 finished in Bronze for USA  


12N finished 27th in Club 12

13N finished 11th in Club 14 (out of 170 teams!)

13R finished 96th in Club 14

14N finished 20th in Champ

14R finished 45th in Club 14

 15N1 – traveled to Minn during Championships 

15N2 finished 24th in Club 16

16N1 finished 8th in Open

16N2 finished 7th in Champ

17N finished 11th in Open



15N1 Won Bronze division

16N1 finished in USA Gold (5th)

17N finished in Bronze 



12N finished in Bronze 

13N finished in Gold (5th)

14N finished in Gold (5th)

15N1 finished in Gold (9th)

16N1 Won the Gold (1st) Qualifying for Nationals! 

17N Won Bronze